copper repiping chino-hills

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License No. 738350

Standard Project Specifications for Materials

  • All type "L" hard copper, American made by Cerro, Halstead Metal Products, or Reading
  • All fittings are copper, brass, or bronze of the highest quality American made
  • Uponor AquaPEX┬« utilizing the ProPEX┬« EP (engineered plastic) fitting system (when specified)
  • Brass ball valves are Nibco, Elkhart, or equivalent
  • Angle stops are chrome plated brass 1/4 turn made by Brasscraft, Eastman, or equivalent
  • Stainless steel braided supply lines (threaded) made by Brasscraft or equivalent
  • Earthquake straps for water heaters will be provided and installed, if not already equipped
  • Pipe insulation will be Therma-cel or Rubatex, closed cell foam
  • Copper straps are used to secure copper tubing to structural material
  • Nylon or felt isolators will be used to prevent pipe noise
  • Non-corrosive flux will be used for all solder joints
  • Silver based lead-free solder